Cerion is a village between Višnjan and Karojba, belongs to the municipality of Višnjan. It is located south of the regional road Višnjan - Karojba, at 318 meters above sea level. According to the census from the 2001 it has 46 residents. Small population is mostly engaged in traditional agriculture (vineyards, cereals) and livestock.

In the history it belonged to the Motovun families and municipality of Motovun. In the village cemetery is the church of St. Matthew the Apostle which was built in the fifteenth century (Glagolitic inscription), rebuilt in 1707 as an endowment of "di Stefano Gerco e dei fratelli Percati" as is written on the sign above the entrance. On the facade, which has been adapted in 1935 there is a distaff with two bells. On the inside there are two marble altars with several statues.

There is also a public children's playground.

Just one kilometer away there is a water source called Badavca which was used over the years by the inhabitants for water supply. These days it is mostly used as a place for gathering of poets.