Porec is a small tourist town on the western coast of Istria, alive over two thousand years so it has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Even in the first century during the reign of Augustus Porec was declared a town - it was part of the Roman colony Colonia Julia Parentium. The city walls were built in the time of Rome, as well as Neptune or Jupiter's temple.

After the fall of the Roman Empire in 476, Porec has changed many rulers, the Ostrogoths, the Byzantines, the Frankish empire, Venice, the Venetian Republic, Austria, Yugoslavia and at the end - nowdays is a part of Republic of Croatia.

The patron of the city of Porec is St . Mauro, who along with St . Eleuterija died as a martyr during the reign of Emperor Diocletian.

Due to a very mild Mediterranean climate and even 3850 sunshine hours per year Poreč is a popular destination for many visitors from all over the world. Until recent tourism development in Poreč population lived mainly from fishing and agriculture. On the tourist route Poreč first appears as far back as 1844.

The most famous monument in Porec is Eufrazijeva basilica which is since 1997 under UNESCO's protection. Besides, it is also known by the old town which has preserved street layout back to the Roman castrum (main street Dekumanus and Cardo Maximus), the Roman Market - Marafor, etc..

Near Porec there is the only open geological monument in Croatia - Cave Baredine.

These and many other attractions are waiting for you...